A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Inspired by "Kubo and the two strings"

Yon need to find the magic sword that's hidden among the many blades stuck on the skeleton's head while protecting your teammates from attacks.


Ok, here's how you play the game:

counter the skeleton attacks with musical combos:

- when he drops rocks use the BLOCK (1-2)

- when he grabs a teammate use ATTACK (3-6-5)

- between attacks you need to FLY (7-8-9) up to the swords in the skull and try to find the sword unbreakable.

- if you find the sword you win. 

- if your teammates' health-bar reaches zero you lose. 

* didnt have time to properly tweak the game so the mechanics are out of balance. the first few rounds will be overwhelming and u will undoubtedly lose (especially if you haven't read the instructions first) but once you get used to the musical combos and learn to react to the attacks (hint, the quake attacks have a sfx before the actual rock drops so if you listen for it you can easily block in time) the  game is quite easy.

- controls:

WASD to move

NUMPAD to enter notes for combos

SPACE to grab swords


- credits

Art and Game Design - Galit "Shoze" Weisberg

Programming - Siddharth Sudhakaran

Sound -Carmin Bittermann

fonts - goombella, feldicouth

Install instructions

download, extract and launch EXE file.


MacOS.zip 64 MB
Windows.zip 48 MB
SwordBreak_Linux.zip 48 MB

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