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Meta Station

After powering up a mysterious game console, our hero, Joe, is trapped in a 2d game. its up to you to help him reach the exits and escape.

the idea is that each game cartridge gives your character different game abilities and inventory items that you can use to reach the key and door, but sadly due to time constraints the game is too broken to be played as intended and the tutorial is only half done.
only the Kirby character can go through all levels (more due to bugs then actual intent) but in theory the other characters can also finish some of the levels, so if you're up for a challenge give it a try! :)
btw, the intro is interactive, click the mouse to go through the sequence.

controls - mouse.

make sure you play in window mode otherwise the frame is cut off.



game design and art - Galit "shoze" Weisberg

programming - Ivan Latypov, Adam Villarreal

sound - Daniel Yehezkeli

fonts - telegrama, gamecuben


Project is open sourced and available at:



metastation_0.6.zip 209 MB

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