A downloadable game for Windows

Submitted for CFN Game Jam. 

Theme: Zodiac.

You are the unwilling bride-to-be of the Zodiac King. After managing to escape his dungeon, you must now make your way out of the castle. Your only hope is to use your zodiac powers to pass through the astral beams.



* if you're having trouble running the game try disabling antivirus.

- Use the arrows to move. 

- Your goal is to reach the exit. 

- Touch orbs to change your sign and element (although due to time restrictions, you can only turn into 4 of the 12 signs). 

- The beams change color according to the rotating zodiac wheel. You can cross when the beam is aligned with your sign element.

- Watch out!  If you cross at the wrong color, you'll get zapped back to the starting point. 



Art and game concept - Galit "shoze" Weisbrg

Coding and level design - Diego Ramos

Sound -  Lauren X. Pham

Fonts - Dumbledor, Celtic Garamond the 2nd


castle zodiac.zip 131 MB
Castle Zodiac.exe 482 MB